Living Presence: A Sufi Way to Mindfulness & the Essential Self

Beginning Tuesday, February 28th at 11:30 am and concludes at 1:00 in the Parish Library.

This class will be a facilitated journey through Kabir Edmund Helminski’s Living Presence. Though the text is grounded in Islamic spirituality (Sufism), nevertheless it has universal appeal. Its language is broad and its teaching comprehensive, bridging many spiritual traditions. The insights offered are effective and far-reaching, able to meet the spiritual needs of seekers both inside and outside the Islamic tradition. The author’s extensive experience gives him first-hand knowledge of a number of other sacred traditions, including Christianity, which makes this book suitable as a guide for Christians as well. In his introduction Helminski speaks to his intention to make this important teaching available to all: I would like to share in the most universal terms some of the experiences, reflections and knowledge that I have met in my encounter with some sources of traditional wisdom. It is time that these ideas entered into the very heart of our culture. Presented in universal terms, they may pass through the walls of resistance that some of our cultural and religious conditioning has set up.
Helminski presents his work as a “spiritual psychology”. This means that in this book multiple levels of human interiority are being address, from the most ordinary and surface level to the deepest and most subtle level. These, he sees, must be open to the influence of the Spirit in such a way that the spiritual seeker is led not only through processes of interior transformation, but on a pathway into Divine Presence itself.
Class members will build a Sacred Space for sharing, discussing, and knowing. The class will work its way through each chapter at a pace to accommodate all. There will be time for discussing the text, and sharing of personal experiences.
This class is an open class. New members are welcome! The class will close after the first session.

Contact the St. Barnabas church office (830-997-5762), Tom Christofferson (505-412-3470) or Richard Mickelson (830-456-1572) for more information. Class begins Tuesday February 28, 2017 and ends upon completion of the text.

Required Book: Living Presence, A Sufi Way to Mindfulness & the Essential Self, by Kabir Edmund Helminski
Facilitator: Tom Christofferson and Richard Mickelson

The cost is $10 per person plus the cost of text and study guide.