Journey into Poetry: Surprises & Joys

More than any other spiritual or nonspiritual discipline, poetry has been the anchor of my life. It helped me survive my mother’s final three years with cancer as I wrote seventy-two poems about her.
I wasn’t doing anything new. During World War I, Germans wrote an average of 50,000 poems a day. Other Europeans did the same. Why? Historian Geert Buelens has the answer: “As European nations rediscovered their souls, they also rediscovered poetry.”
Each of us is human — we have a body and a soul. As we get more in touch with our souls, we inevitably find ourselves drawn to poetry, both the reading and even the writing of it.
But many people think they don’t like poetry. They think it’s hard or weird. They’ve been taught poems have secret meanings, that you need deep familiarity with the entire English canon and perhaps a crystal ball to decode them. One writer friend confessed to me that she felt “askeered” of poetry.
Fear not! Don’t stay shut out of the poetry party. Consider this class an invitation.
For the past 17 years I’ve begun my writing day by reading (at least) one poem a day. Sometimes I journal about it. Sometimes I write my own. Sometimes I print it to save. Sometimes it does nothing for me, and I sigh and set it aside. Sometimes I discuss it with a poetry buddy and find surprises and joys I missed the first time around. That’s what we’ll do in this class — group poetry buddying. We’ll learn how easy and how fulfilling it is to take a few moments with a few words.
We’ll use The Joy of Poetry, which contains both old and new poems by the likes of Dana Gioia and William Shakespeare, Kathleen Jamie and William Wordsworth, Natasha Trethewey and Christina Rossetti. It has a few of my poems as well. Each week I’ll bring another poem for us to journey into together.
All you need is a book and your soul. I’ll bring along my reading glasses and a pencil and notebook because I think better with writing tools in tow.
Facilitator: Megan Willome
Contact Debbie Gorden (830) 285-7668, Tom Christofferson (505) 421-3470, or Richard Mickelson (830) 456-1572 for more information.
Required Book: The Joy of Poetry by Megan Willome.

The cost is $10 per person plus the cost of the text, $15.

 Course runs from September 7, 2017 to November 16,2017. 

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