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This page will allow us to post information to be shared with the People of Saint Barnabas.  If you would like to share something with the congregation please email it to us at .  If it is appropriate to post, we will do so within 24 hours of its receipt.


If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us! We have people who have volunteered to go to Grocery Stores, Walgreen’s, etc. The Church has some supplies that can be shared.


Julie Warmbrodt is hoping to rent her fully furnished house to generate some income while Tom remains in the hospital. It’s 3BR/2 bath, rent is up for negotiation, looking to rent April-end of summer. Contact Shelly K. if you know someone who might be interested. 830-456-0652


On March 27, 2020 we added Bishop Reed’s most recent reflections and announcements to the Pastoral Messages, Reflections, and Meditations Page:

Posted March 27, 2020


“If You Want World Peace, Maybe Start with Sharing a Roll of Toilet Paper.”

The above headline was published in the Nashville newspaper, “The Tennessean,” in an opinion piece written by the Rev. Becca Stevens. It was hopeful and insightful in her own style. Click on any of these underlined words to read a PDF version of the article.

Posted March 28, 2020


The Hazelden Betty Ford Center is a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. Each day they publish their “Thought of the Day.” Whether or not you struggle with addiction, the Thought for the Day is typically insightful and helpful for whatever this world may throw at us. Click the link below to be taken to today’s Thought for the Day. You can click the link everyday for a new “Thought.”


Abbreviated Service with the Rev. Jeff Hammond et al has been posted to the Recorded Worship Service page accessible from our homepage. Click the video below to watch.

March 29th Abbreviated Worship


An announcement from H.E.B.:

It is with great joy and excitement that I announce Favor to Fredericksburg Texas!  Favor is a delivery service in the HEB family – they share the HEB values and culture in caring for customers, employees and communities! 

This is a big win for our community as we have established a special program due to COVID19 to serve our seniors specifically. 

Please share the attached information via facebook or instagram posts – We need to hire about 30 runners in the next 24 hours.  With Favor, you can apply and be working within 24 hours!  

The need is big in this community – please please share this great opportunity with our neighbors and friends in the service industry that are unemployed or under employed  – the can be a win win for our community! 

Go to:     Apply today and Run tomorrow 

A lot has been made about H.E.B. preparedness for this situation. Below is the link to the Texas Monthly article about H.E.B.’s preparations:


A Reflection from Father Jeff


Here is a link to the Church’s YouTube page.


Here are links to the most recent videos of the bells being rung at noon.


There are many great organizations out there doing incredible things during these difficult times:

Your Church is involved in the community and within our church for people in need. We can receive donations online at!

The Needs Council is responding in many different ways within the community. You can make online donations by going to

Also, many of us are familiar with the Rev. Becca Stevens from Thistle Farms. They are in the last two days of trying to match a gift made to them. More information about the campaign is located at


IMPORTANT:  The Benevolence Fund

The Benevolence Fund was created in December 2012 to give assistance to individuals who are going through a financial crisis.  It is different from the Church’s Outreach Fund and the priest’s Discretionary Fundin that it is used to help the people of Saint Barnabas (members and attendees) while the other two funds are used primarily to help people and groups outside the Church.
During these times, people are experiencing extreme financial challenges.  If you or someone you know finds themselves in need of help, please contact Steve Neale.  Steve will be happy to provide a very simple confidential application with a quick response.  Leave a message at the Church office ( 830.997.5762 ) or email Steve at