col·um·bar·i·um (kä-ləm-‘ber-ē-əm): a vault with niches for urns containing ashes of the dead

Churches have traditionally been the final resting place of deceased members of the Christian community. The English kings, heroes, and notables have been interred within churches and in cemeteries located on the grounds. This columbarium is a reminder that we are surrounded by angels and archangels and all the company of heaven in the great communion of saints as we sing God's praises. The Church interment provides a permanent link between deceased Christians and their house of worship during this life.

Saint Barnabas’ columbarium is located outdoor on the grounds of the church between the Church and the Chapel. A niche in our columbarium are modestly priced. Each niche has a brass plate for the engraving of the name of the deceased and the dates of birth and death.