Members of the Altar Guild prepare for all forms of worship in the sanctuary and chapel.   Altar Guild keeps the liturgical hangings the proper color, the linens freshly ironed, and the candles trimmed.  In general, members serve on a team periodically throughout the year, giving an hour or two on a Saturday morning to prepare the sanctuary for Sunday, and to help clear away after Sunday services which may include Holy Eucharist and Baptism.  Also, the Altar Guild is responsible for setting up mid-week services and special services.

There is much laughter, there are accidents, even occasional sins of omission, but above all there exists a unique bond of love and friendship.  Membership is open to any member of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church – male or female — no experience necessary. Training is conducted on an individual basis, and you are paired with an experienced member of the Altar Guild until you’re comfortable working on your own.

Altar Guild may be for you if:

  • You would like to serve in a very quiet yet important way.
  • You don’t mind performing a function that is rarely noticed except when it is not done!
  • You only have a few hours each month available to serve.
  • You want to be involved, but don’t feel comfortable “up front”.
  • You like to set the stage for important events.
  • You would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the elements and symbolism of our liturgy.

If you are interested, please call the church office at 830-997-5762.