A Program of Theological Education

WHAT is EfM?  EfM is a four-year theological education program.  During the four years, participants study Bible, church history, and theology, while learning to engage in theological reflection.

WHO participates in EfM?  EfM is for the laity of the church.  Every Christian receives the call to Christ’s ministry at baptism.

WHAT can you expect?  You will find that EfM teaches you how to think theologically, deepens your faith and your understanding of our Christian heritage, and provides you with a new confidence to be Christ’s minister.

WHAT does EfM do for the church?  Graduates of EfM fulfill many ministries and bring to the church a laity better prepared to make decisions and fulfill the Great Commission – to bring Christ to the world.

WHERE is EfM used?  EfM has contracts with most dioceses of the Episcopal Church.  It is also used among Methodists, Roman Catholics, Presbyterians and Disciples of Christ.  EfM is found in Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, New Zealand and in the UK.