Lay Readers and Chalice Bearers

The Lay Readers and Chalice Bearers of Saint Barnabas are a dedicated group of men and women who volunteer to assist in our worship service.

They are lay persons who assist with public worship under the direction of Father Jeff.  Lay readers have traditionally held an important place in the American church, dating from colonial times when clergy were scarce.  The lay reader reads the lessons and prayers.  The Chalice Bearer may read the lessons and prayers and also assists at the Eucharist.

Lay Readers read the Old Testament lesson, Psalm, and New Testament Lessons and lead the Prayers of the People during Liturgy of the Word in communion services.  You will be given training before being asked to serve.  Lay Readers and Chalice Bearers typically serve every four or five weeks.  If you prefer, you can sign-up to be a substitute server.